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Support us !

The money of our Foundation goes directly to the children and women in Madagascar. We are a small Foundation, with very little overhead costs . An overview of what we can do with your contribution:

With 15 € a month, one child in our house can eat for one whole month.

With 50 € a month, we can help a single mother with taking care of her own needs f and those of her children.

With 150 € per month, the entire district (Ampihadiamby in Ambositra consists of 980 people) can visit the doctor and can receive the necessary (basic) medication.

With € 200, we can re-paint an elementary school.

With 900 €, we can build a house for a family.

With € 1000, we will be able to pay the annual school fees for a group of 30 children.

With € 5000, we have built a (large) classroom that can house 90 extra toddlers in 2005.

You can help our foudation in the following way :

– With a (monthly) contribution to our bank account

IBAN:NL 87ING B0009 269 326

BIC: ING BNL2AFoundation Madalief.

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