Residence Madalief

Guesthouse Madalief

Domaine Fitiavana
B.P. 163-Antsirabe
Tel: 00261 (0) 34 71 61 232

About seven kilometres south of the town of Antsirabe in the highlands of Madagascar, our Residence ‘Madalief’ is located in an area covered by woods. It is a beautiful sustainable hotel, with 13 rooms, a children’s playground and dormitories for groups of children. Is is one of the most recent and largest projects of the Foundation!

The establishment of the Residence was born from the idea of creating employment and work experience places for our young people from Ambositra and its aim is creating income for the foundation and its projects other than donations from the Netherlands.

We have chosen to build the Residence in Antsirabe because of the more favourable location along the tourist route to the South; often, more tourists stay in Antsirabe than in Ambositra.

In the space of more than one and a half hectares, one can find our sustainable hotel consisting of 13 spacious rooms, ll en-suites and hot water from a spring in the mountains and heated by solar water heaters. The rooms were built with local materials and are entirely decorated in Malagasy style. As far as possible the furniture is made by civilians living in the immediate surroundings of the Residence.

The cost for a night in our Residence varies between  140.000 Ariary, which equals € 35. You can make a reservation by sending an e-mail to:

The profits we make through the Residence, go directly to our projects in Ambositra and the projects we run near the Residence.

A private restaurant, a children’s playground and a youth hostel are also to be found on the terrain of the Residence. In the youth hostel we receive groups of children from other orphanages and establishments and our own children from the foundation Madalief. We offer them a beautiful holiday for little money. The youth hostel has room for around 25 children and is equipped with all amenities (mattresses, blankets, dishes, cutlery, kitchen and washing facilities).


In May 2010 we opened the doors of our Residence. A number of women from Ambositra and the near vicinity have followed three months of training to become ‘femme de menage’. The project also provides employment for 6 guards/ nightguards/gardeners and a handyman. Currently, the management istill lies in the hands of Remi Doomernik and her partner Marc Randriamazava (former president of the local Foundation Fitiavana), but over time this will be transferred to a locally trained hotel manager.

Aid projects near the Residence.

Over the last few years, we have started a number of projects in the vicinity of our Residence. Momentarily, we support three public elementary schools in the neighbourhood by purchasing teaching materials, paying registration fees for the poorest children and a small monthly fee for 12 teachers in total. We have also had all three buildings refurbished and we take care of the maintenance. If we have Dutch volunteers staying with us, they are usually of great help at these schools.

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