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According to the Tax Office, the Foundation Madalief is recognized as ANBI (“a public benefit organisation ”). This consideration is a guarantee that the Foundation Madalief takes good care of the money donated by you. It gives you the assurance that the money donated, goes to the place of destination. It also means that your gift to the Madalief Foundation is tax deductible.

Accreditatio :

Nowadays there are two accreditatio that are given to good and solid foundations. The so-called CBF quality mark and the KGB quality mark, for smaller charities. We have chosen to apply for none of these quality marks for the following reasons: both of these labels cost a lot of money, 600 to 1000 euro per year and a half. Furthermore these hallmarks only look at budgets, annual accounts, bylaws and minutes of the meetings. With that money we can do many good things in Madagascar, for example, creating 10 kitchen places in the district or building a public toilet in a city building. The annual results and annual reports are now published on our website, for anyone to see.

REMI DOOMERNIK – Operational Manager in Madagascar

During her study Sociology Anthropology she graduated on a project in Uganda. For 8 months she worked for an Aids organization and she did research on and started a project for orphans. After she graduated and came back to the Netherlands, she worked with refugees for two years. After this, she went back to Africa and began leading trips for Baobab travels in Madagascar. In the years that followed, she decided to combine her work as a travel guide with more social work. Every three weeks she came to Ambositra with the groups that she guided around the country. Here she visited families who carved wood, but she also became friends with the underprivileged children. She really wanted to do something more. She quickly came into contact with the local Foundation ‘ Fazazoma ‘, and so began their first project. In the course of the years she started multiple projects in Ambositra. Now she still tries to interest future and ex-travellers to support the projects of the Foundation in order to acquire donations for the Foundation’s activities. With her knowledge of development projects and experience, she supports the Social Committee of the district and Mme Honorine to execute projects and expand them. Marlies and Ciska keep in weekly contact by e-mail and Remi coordinates their expenditure for implementation and support of the projects there.

Since September 2006, Remi is the proud mother of her daughter Maiya.

If you are looking for travel advice and/or car rent in Madagascar you can contact Remi.


tel: 0031(0)630587593


After she finished her study in Tourism, Marlies Bokx has worked for 12 years at various airlines including Air Madagascar (represented by General Agent Air Agencies Holland). In part due to her work, she has travelled extensively and has visited many countries. In November 2000, Marlies travelled to Madagascar together with some product managers and was very impressed with the friendly and hospitable people. Poverty, the lack of medicines and the very malnourished children made her feel she wanted to do something for the children of this country. After her travels to Madagascar she decided to do exactly that. Marlies is mother to 3 children and works at the secretariat of PASRA (Passenger Airline Sales Representatives Association) in addition to her commitment to the Foundation. Marlies has been involved in the Madalief Foundation since the very beginning.




With her husband Jeroen, Ingrid Kolenbrander made a tour through Madagascar in 1999. Remi was their tour guide. From the beginning they have been loyal sponsors of the Madalief Foundation. Ingrid works as a chartered accountant and has worked as an accountant and CFO at Schoevers. At the moment she is working as as finance manager at DDL Diagnostic Laboratory. Before she became a sponsor of the Madalief Foundation, she has been the treasurer of the Foundation Gastouderbureau Waddinxveen and Batmintonclub Waddinxveen. Ingrid and Jeroen have 2 children to whom they want to show Madagascar one day. On 1 January 2015, she replaced Vera Verhage in her role as treasurer of the Foundation.



In 2011, Monique and her partner came into contact with Remi, who still was the still a tour guide in the beautiful but unfortunately very poor country of Madagascar. Remi told them about the Foundation and she decided to help them by sending multiple goods from the Netherlands that they needed. Since then, she sort of “grew up” with the children of the Foundation and everything the Foundation does. Every two years a container full of useful items, is shipped to Madagascar. Aside from that, she sells handmade goods from Madagascar here in the Netherlands on the internet at ‘moniquevoormadagaskar’. Any profit goes directly to Madalief.

Moreover, she gave her heart to this beautiful country. When they go on holiday to Madagascar, they (always) visit the Madalief Foundation, but they also like to travel to places in Madagascar, they haven’t yet been to yet.


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