The emergence and activities of Madalief:

Due to her work as a tour guide in Madagascar, Remi Doomernik often visited Ambositra. She initially helped some children who lived on the streets by herself. Remi came to visit Ambositra more and more over time and settled permanently in this little town for a large part of the year . Thus, she came across many others who also helped the less fortunate people in town. In 2002, she joined the local foundation Fazazoma, which dedicated itself to helping (orphaned) children in Ambositra. The local women who had led this foundation had been taking care of several (orphan) children in the course of the previous years, at the house of one of those women.

Remi joined them and supported them where needed with her knowledge and by financial assistance. This led to the creation of Fazazoma Netherlands in 2002. She did this in cooperation with two other Dutch women who, after their travels to Madagascar, were also willing to do something for the children and the poor of this country.

Both the foundation Fazazoma and Fazazoma Netherlands invested in building an orphanage and soon the activities, in cooperation with the neighbourhood of the orphanage, were expanded .

Together, the foundations built an orphanage and soon expanded the activities to cooperating with the village surrounding the orphanage. The Dutch foundation has already achieved many things

· It built several houses for the care of single mothers

· It realized two additional school buildings for the public school in the area (before that, this public school once housed more than 300 children in a building that was much too small)

· It renovated several houses for single mothers

· It helped with the building of toilet facilities and kitchens in the district and at the school.

In 2007, five years after the foundation of the Fazazoma Netherlands it was decided to change the name, because the cooperation had become much broader than only a local partner. Madalief, was chosen as the new name, born out of love for the children of Madagascar. Nonetheless the goal remained the same: raising funds for the disadvantaged children in Madagascar in order to give them a better future.

Remi still travels between both countries and combines her work for the foundation with her work as a hostess, meaning the travel costs are shared. Due to her presence in Madagascar, a proper use of the funds and a good cooperation with the local partners is being maintained.

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