The Foundation Madalief (formerly Fazazoma), was born out of love and empathy for the children of Madagascar. Madalief is a non-profit organization which aims to give the most disadvantaged children in Madagascar a chance for a better future.

It started as a cooperative partnership with a local partner, but five years later it has become a foundation that supports multiple projects and programmes in Madagascar.

It is a story of women and men in Ambositra, a small town in Madagascar, who give help to the children who need it.

A story of two women in the Netherlands, who use their qualities and connections to raise funds.

And a story of a woman who travels back and forth between the two countries.

That is how these people make their dreams come true by helping these Malagasy children with support from the Netherlands.

The successes the foundation have achieved so far, are a result of the use of the qualities and energy of the people mentioned below:

Remi Doomernik – Operational Manager in Madagascar
Marlies Bokx-Schoonebeek – Chair
Monique Noordzij- Secretary
Ingrid Kolenbrander- Treasurer


And all partners in both the Netherlands and Madagascar.

IBAN:NL 87ING B0009 269 326

ANBI NR: 8163 54 200

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Latest news

Madagascar 2021

From february 14th until march 8th Maiya and me, Remi (the operational manager of Madalief) visited Madagascar! After being stuck in the Netherlands for fourteen months, it was like a miracle that we could get tickets and travel to our beloved country. Madagascar is placed under High Risk Countries by…

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Eind van de maand

Het is weer het einde van de maand. Gelukkig kunnen we weer de meer dan 40 gezinnen ontvangen en hun maandelijkse rijst rantsoenen uitdelen. Het is goed te zien dat het goed gaat met de kinderen en de moeders en vaders. Iedereen is ook erg blij dat er dit jaar…

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En het goede nieuws is….

Dat binnenkort de scholen in Madagaskar weer gaan beginnen! En het andere goede nieuws is dat er dit jaar geen inschrijfgeld en ouderbijdrage is voor de openbare scholen. Hopelijk gaan er dan weer meer kinderen terug naar school. In Ambositra hebben we dit jaar 30 kinderen op de middelbare school…

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